Driving Tips

  • Car Parking in Parking Space

  • Pulling the car from parking Space

  • Driving Test

    - Gessner - If applicant has not made a roadtest payment ($11 for those holding the learner permit) make sure applicant arrives more than 3 hours prior test time. Some complains when process of roadtest payment done after roadtest time, roadtest may be required to reschedule.Driving, must be 30 MPH on main road when get out from DPS parking lot, in the neighborhood drive slow from 15 to 20 MPH because too much parked vehicles on street, advice keep 1 door open space when passing.Turn Right on Red traffic light. Back up vehicle must stop when see on coming traffic from behind.

    - Dacoma - Do not drive more than 30 miles per hours on 4 lane road, many student hit the Right curve after finishing parallel parking before going to the road.

    - Rosenberg - Knowledge for using center lane, meet Right turn when Red light on, speed must be more than 35 MPH when being on main road (the 5 lane road).

    - Tristar - Change lane Right, turn Left on Unprotected green light.

    - Twinkle - Knowledge of using median when turning Left.

    - Alvin - Turn left at the unprotected traffic light intersection.

    - Austin - The only one location accepts walk in road test, sometimes they offer limited walk in roadtest at Rosengberg location, Our staff brings student from 3AM to get them in line.

    It is advised to make a roadtest payment in advance for permit holders when decided for taking walk in roadtest.

  • Backup/Reverse

    If vehicle equipped with a camera, do not look at camera screen, use hazard light, look through the back, stop your car when you see a oncoming vehicle from the same or opposite direction.

  • Passing the parked vehicle

    Make more than 1 door open space when passing, do not pass if there is on coming vehicle (3 vehicle in 2 lane road).

  • Stop sign intersection with a blind spot

    When there is a stop sign with a blind spot like a tree, plant or fence blocking your vision, make it 2 times. One for a stop sign (3 seconds rule) and make another stop for a blind spot by rolling vehicle.

  • 3 lane road or Center lane

    Use Center lane for making a left turn. Make sure you enter the center lane and Yield for on coming vehicles before turning Left. But do not Yield for the vehicle has been Stopped from the Stop sign by your left corner.

  • Parallel parking

    Distance of parking space
    Length: 310 inches, about 15 foot steps
    Width: Front pole - 88 inches from the curve, about 7 shoe matching, Rear pole: 75 inches from the curve, about 4 shoe matching

    Step 1 Stop your vehicle siding the Rear Wheel with the front Pole, distance from 12 to 15 inches.Turn steering wheel all the way to the R then slowly backing the vehicle and looking to the Left side mirror finding the Rear pole as references, the Pole will be seen from the Left side mirror, keep backing up until it disappears then stop the vehicle.

    Step 2 Turn the steering wheel all the way to the Left then continue backing up until your vehicle straight. Steering wheel can be hang on with Left turning or turn it to straight position.

  • Turn Right at the Intersection with Traffic Light(without sign 'No Turn Right on Red Signal')

    - When light on Green: Just slow down the car and turn but look both side most from the Left.

    - When Light is Red: Stop the car completely at least 3 seconds (about 10 to 12 counts, It is like turn right at the STOP sign corner)

    - Look to search on the traffics coming from the Left hand side and on coming traffics turning Left from approaching to enter your right side road (where you intend to turn).

    - When it is safe, move your vehicle slowly forward little bid to get away checking any pedestrians from the Blind Spot (if there is, usually on your Left hand side ) then turn.

    - If on your left hand side blocking by a vehicle or a blind spot you can wait until green light being on then make your turn.

    - Intersection with sign "No Turn Right on Red Signal" you have to wait until green light on.

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