Adult Driver Education Packages

Tony Driving School provides driving lessons for adults over the age of 18 who need to learn how to operate a vehicle. Our instructors will teach you how to control your vehicle, drive defensively, make left and right turns correctly, parallel parking, and much more. Anyone under the age of 18 must take a state approved driver education course to qualify for a license.

To get a drivers license, every student must:
  • Student must be above 18 years old
  • Student must hold a instructional permit
  • Student must take a Road test to obtain his license

All driving instruction is done in a Tony Driving School vehicle. Every student must have an instructional permit (or a valid driver's license) to take driving lessons with us. Every student must take a final road test with us or at DPS to get their final Texas license.

Your lesson begins when the instructor arrives at your location. Registration and payment for lessons and pick ups must be made before the day of the lesson. You can come by our office to pay in person or pay online.

Tony Driving School recommends that every student take as many lessons as necessary to feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Don't Have a Car ? Don't Worry

We will come pick you up anywhere in the Houston area. Students who live within 3 miles of our office can be picked up and returned home for FREE!. If your place is beyond 3 miles, there is pick up and drop off fees

Adult Permit Class(6 Hour) - $70

Our 6-hour adult driver education course covers the TEXAS DRIVERS HANDBOOK including road signs and road rules. This class ensures that you will pass the permit test. According to state law you must pass an exam over the Texas Driver Handbook in order to receive a driving permit before being eligible to taking the driving test with Tony Driving School or at DPS.According to State Law, the Adult Permit Class is required for adults ages 18-25 in order to obtain a Texas Driver's License.

Please Note: In order to receive the discounted price of $60 for the Adult Permit Class(6 Hour), you must register for the class at least 24 hours in advance by paying online or in person at our office.

Upon completion of the class, passing the permit test, you will receive a Certificate of Completion (ADE-1317). You will need to take this certificate along with your ID and Social Security Card to the DPS office to receive the Driving Permit. Your vision test, photo and fingerprints will be taken at the DPS office.

Please remember, without a permit you are not legally allowed to drive a vehicle for ANY reason and can not obtain a driver's license.

Adult Training Full package - $400

The Adult Training Complete Package includes the following four phases

Included Course Content
  • Adult Permit Class and Test

  • 8 hour driving Lessons

  • Road Test Preparation

  • Road Test

In Car Lessons

Select one option
  • Option 1 - $100 = 2 hours lesson.

  • Option 2 - $140 = 3 hours lesson, 2 sessions of 1.5 hours each.

  • Option 3 - $180 = 4 hours lesson, 2 sessions of 2 hours each.

  • Option 4 - $250 = 6 hours lesson, 4 sessions of 1.5 hours each.

Other Options
  • Freeway Driving - $85 = 1.5 hours lesson.

  • Road Test Preparation - $55 = 1 hour (Sorry! No pick up)

  • Parallel parking lesson - $55 = 1 hour lesson, aproximately 15-20 minutes student can do it, extra time can be used for other practice.

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Tony Driving School was founded to provide safe and professional driving instruction to new drivers in the Houston, Texas area. We serve hundreds of students each year and our fully licensed driving school is trusted by adults and teenagers alike to provide a patient, courteous, and safe driving experience.

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